Monday, December 12, 2016

Up next at Gainesville Raceway, January 7, 2017 is the Winter Bracket Bash. Will Brendan George & Joe Hutto go back to back?

I am back as track photographer for Gainesville Raceway. The photographer is the same but the name has changed. Gaines photography is your stop for all your photos. Make sure you add the web site to your favorites, 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

CF baseball ready for fall play

CF baseball will be back on the mound starting September 24 as they will have their first home game as the fall season starts. Gaines photography will be on hand to capture all of the action.  

Fun for the employees

Gainesville Raceway held their 2016 employee race where each worker and family member had the chance to race like the big boys and girls do on a regular basis. The finals came down to Amber Evans against Jane Bader with Jane winning for the second year in a row. Both received winners trophies due to having a rookie and pro class.